The Artist and The Artisan

Design Hotel
Digital Communication
Marrakech, Morocco

Design Hotel, “Further” collaborated with FAVOREAT to create outstanding visual designs in order to capture the essence of Marroco and the deep relationship between artists and artisan in a beautiful cinematic video. We also captured the conversations and process of creation in portraits and sceneries from differents locations around Marrakesh, adding layers of depth to the story of Design Hotel.

Pottery: Abderrahim Akid & Mohamed Outmezouart
Leather: Ludovic Petit & Nazha Hanioui
Copper: Ahmed Ellouzi
Aluminium: Abdeljalil Aït Boujmiaa & Abdelhak Aït Boujmiaa
Filmed and Directed by Filipe Zapelini
Produced by Favoreat Design
Production: Daniel Hilz, Jeanne Troillet, Laura Meier
Director of Creative Content Charly Wilder
Music Beat the Dark by Itamar Doari
Desert Queen by Kadir Demir