Château Rabaud-Promis

Château Rabaud-Promis
Web Design
Bordeaux, France

For Rabaud Promis branding, we developed an identity system that illustrates the biodiversity and tradition of wine-making. We created a « bee-blason » icon as a core brand element to embody Rabaud Promis’s mission for sustainable viticulture, that they promote through unique, eco-friendly processes – such as owning multiple beehives at their estate. The main typography is inspired from a 1900s serif – a nod to the chateau’s long time heritage.

The Rabaud Promis bottle showcases a combination of designs inspired from both liquor and traditional Bordeaux bottle shapes, as the wine itself can be enjoyed alone or as an infusion mixed into tasty cocktails. The bottle exudes an elixir aura through the unique honeycomb texture design, which also serves as another embodiment of the estate’s strong vision for sustainability in the wine-making world.